Grow Through Pain

Non-medical solutions for those experiencing persistent pain and for carers that support those experiencing pain 

"Your day-to-day experience may be rooted in pain, but with help you can break though barriers, turn towards a brighter future and flourish in life. 

Let's support each other to grow through pain, not just go through pain."

The 'Grow Through Pain' Course and Workshops

As an individual, a carer or an organisation, what can Grow Through Pain workshops offer you?

Empowering information

Knowledge is power - gaining an understanding of the processes that are experienced in body and mind especially during long-term illness and pain can empower and encourage people into making positive choices in support of the recovery and maintenance of good mental and physical wellbeing.

Grow Though Pain workshops offer valuable education on pain, but then draw attention to solutions and self-management, rather than one's pain being the centre focus of the workshops.

The spotlight is turned towards solution-based thinking, self-management, distraction strategies, growth mindset and goal setting, delivered in a relaxed, friendly environment and in plain language without condescending baby-talk or complicated medical jargon.  

Exploring practical solutions

Each workshop is an exploration into proven holistic approaches and non-medical alternatives to relief and management of pain, looking into practices such as meditation and mindfulness, nutrition, movement, mindset and other innovative and creative solutions for pain self-management.

During the workshops we highlight the benefits, effectiveness and limits of each approach, with participants having the opportunity to practice techniques during the workshop or at home as well as share and compare experiences, eventually integrating findings into a comprehensive and personalised pain management plan.

Carers will also benefit greatly from each workshop, with self-care and self-management techniques to support their own health and wellbeing as well as being able to share the skills gained with those that are cared for. 

Empathetic connection

Experiencing long-term illness and pain can be an overwhelmingly lonely experience. It is often difficult for others to understand the experiences of living with chronic pain.  Well-intentioned family, friends and even healthcare providers can find it difficult to understand the daily challenges associated with persistent pain.

Caring for someone experiencing long-term illness and pain has its own challenges and can be incredibly isolating and lonely too. 

Grow Through Pain group workshops provide a safe and supported space outside of your everyday experiences and give an opportunity to connect with others who can understand your challenges. 

Your course tutor

Integrative therapist, tutor and mentor Kellie Gilmour has experienced daily chronic pain and long-term health conditions herself for over 19 years. 

During those 19 years she has committed to researching, studying, qualifying in and practicing therapeutic techniques that have offered relief to her own health problems, as well as training in mental health support, health coaching and learning to hold safe therapeutic space for others who are experiencing physical, emotional and mental ill-health.

"After many years of learning and practice I feel a duty to share the experiences and knowledge gained on my journey for the benefit of others on their roads to recovery and maintenance of a good quality of life."

Find out more about Kellie and the many ways in which she can help and support you here: 

Kellie Gilmour Therapy

"During my explorations into traditional Japanese routes to wellbeing, I came across the breathtakingly exquisite practice of Kintsugi - repairing broken pottery with gold.

As a philosophy, Kintsugi treats the breakage and making good again of a vessel as part of its history - literally illuminating the repair - making it more valuable because of the experience that fractured it and the careful and beautiful process that was its repair.

I realised this as an invaluable concept in the perception of our human experiences, especially during ill-health and pain."

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Grow Through Pain 

Non-medical solutions for those experiencing persistent pain and for carers that support those experiencing pain

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